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Welcome to Indianapolis Jiu-Jitsu

Welcome to Indianapolis Jiu-Jitsu.  We have over 28 years experience in Gracie/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Here you will learn the most effective techniques to defend yourself.   I invite you to schedule an appointment and come check out what we have to offer.  I Hope to see you soon.  Professor Greg Eldred.


Benefits of Sparring (posted 2/26/2019)

At some point on your jiu jitsu journey it will be time for you to start participating in open mat or sparring sessions, often referred to as “rolling” in jiu-jitsu.  Some schools don’t advise of it until a student has sufficient background, which may vary from just a couple months to several months of practice.  In any case it’s an integral part of the learning process, and it will put you on the path to increasing your proficiency in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Initially your training may start with technique learning and repetition, but eventually your training should consist of these 3 basic parts:  Technique learning, drilling, and sparring.  

Some people might have the mindset that sparring is just for those who desire jiu-jitsu competition. That is far from the truth.  Sparring has many benefits as I will share some with you, whether you’re intending to compete or not.  Nothing else prepares you for a real fight, or competition as well as live sparring.  It’s a great way to get and stay in shape as it is a high cardiovascular workout.  Keeping your body in shape has all the health benefits, but more importantly if you are attacked on the street you’ll have the endurance to properly defend yourself and go the distance to achieve a successful outcome, likewise in competition.  

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Year End Promotions (posted 12/19/2018)

We had over 40 students who were eligible for the December belt promotion ceremonies held this week.  Their promotions highlight the hard work and dedication that everyone is putting into their practice and training.  We had 3 new Blue Belts ( Jacob Clark, Jeff Ramkaransingh, and Will Courtney) who successfully completed a rigorous belt testing process and we are very proud of their accomplishments.  We also celebrated these events with a pizza party and Holiday pitch in where we enjoyed sharing everyones favorite eats.  We also enjoyed music from our student the one and only DJIllBehavior.  Everyone had a great time and we look forward to getting back on the mats and keep doing what we do.

We have 2 new Black Belts (posted 9/16/2018)

We are very proud to have promoted two students to Black Belt this past weekend at the Master Caique Seminar.  Congratulations to Lucas Yeazel and Ryan Marques on your accomplishments.  Master Caique has the highest standards for those achieving the rank of black belt and Lucas and Ryan have done an awesome job meeting all qualifications.  Lucas and Ryan both have been associate instructors at the academy while participating in our instructor training program.  They are great instructors and we look forward to their future at the academy.   

New Kids Advanced Class at Indy BJJ (posted 8/24/2018)

A new Kids Advanced class is being added to the schedule beginning on Wednesday, Sept 19th. The class will be held on Wednesdays from 5:00 - 5:45 pm. Participation in this class is allowed after the student gains enough proficiency in the Kids basics program and per instructor recommendation. Eligible students would be encouraged to attend the advanced class on Wednesdays, and continue to attend the Monday Kids basics class. The Kids basics class on Monday and Wednesdays will be from 6:00 - 6:45pm.

It's important to continue to practice and perfect the basics on a regular basis. Our kids basics program consists of 21 classes with over 60 techniques. Those techniques establish a solid foundation and are at the core of what Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is all about. Repetition of those critical skills is what will over time make those techniques come together quickly and instinctively if ever needed in a real life situation.

The new Kids advanced program will continue to reinforce the basic principles and introduce new techniques to further increase the students ability to handle adverse situations. This Kids advanced class is a stepping stone for students who are not yet old enough or big enough to attend and safely participate in the Adult Basics program. The decision to move a student into the Adult Basics program is decided on an individual basis.