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JiuJitsu News
Evan Eldred heads back to State (posted 2/17/2016)
Last weekend Westfield High School senior Evan Eldred earned his 3rd trip to the IHSAA Wrestling State Finals.  With a season record of 39-1 Evan finished 1st in the Sectionals, Regionals, and Semi-State.  Keep it up Evan and go after a coveted state title this coming weekend.  Evan has already signed to wrestle for the Indiana Hoosiers next year.

Hamilton County Food Bank (posted 11/1/2015)
Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu is proud to support the Hamilton County Harvest Food Bank.  The Food bank works to collect food and support for food pantries in the area.  A collection barrel will be located at the academy during the month the November.  They are in need of peanut butter, canned meats, canned fruit, cereal, and mac and cheese.  Thank you for supporting this great organization and helping to feed the hungry in our community.  More information about the food bank can be found at hchfoodbank.org.

Picking a place to train (posted 7/1/2015)
With the growing popularity of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu more and more people are giving it a try. But how does one decide which academy is right for you? Where ever you train you need to plan on going to class at least 2 – 3 times per week. Going to a jiu-jitsu academy is not like belonging to a health club, where you show up, use the equipment and leave. It’s an educational and learning environment. So, first and foremost you need to look into the quality of instruction. You should look into the background of the head instructor. You can do some of that homework online. You should sit in on a class to see how a class is ran. Is it a structured class? Does the instructor communicate in an understanding and logical way? Do they have a beginners curriculum? Also, ask students in the class about their experiences there. Most academies have a trial period which is a great way for you get a better feel for the quality of the instruction. So definitely take advantage of a trial period.

Another big thing to consider is what the atmosphere is like. Is everyone friendly to one another? How are people treating each other? Are the students helpful to you and to others. Do the other students seem to be happy there? Is it a place where you seem to belong? You will be spending a lot of time there each week so you want to make sure you are comfortable there and you fit in. Many students make great friendships that extend beyond the walls of the school.

Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art that requires a lot of physical contact. So there will be sweat and sometimes blood. Skin infections could occur if academies are not cleaning the mats each day, or if they are letting people train with skin conditions. Take note of the facilities cleanliness. Are they mopping the mats regularly? Are others training with exposed skins conditions? Also, students should be wearing clean uniforms each class. These are some things you should definitely observe when you take some trial classes. Most jiu-jitsu schools should have a hygiene policy.

And finally a word about price. Many people ask about the price before they even visit the school and look into the most important things which are covered in this article. As mentioned before a jiu-jitsu school is an educational institution, so expect pay at least $100 per month or more depending on the market you live in. It doesn’t matter what the price is, if the instruction is bad, the people are unfriendly, and the place is dirty.

If you want to get started on the right path in your search for a place to train consider these facets of a jiu jitsu school before you sign on the dotted line.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (posted 4/2/2015)
The goal of SAAM is to raise public awareness about sexual violence and to educate communities and individuals on how to prevent sexual violence.  Nearly 1 in 5 women have been raped at some time in their lives and about every 2 minutes someone in the United States is sexually assaulted.  Get involved by educating yourself about the issue. There are many online resources and state and local groups and organizations that can provide help.  Also, no matter how well you are educated about the topic, nothing can compare to having the self defense training which gives you the skills to escape from an attacker. 

Stop the Bullying (posted 3/25/2015)

Bullying is becoming a serious problem in today’s society. Whether it’s mental, verbal, physical, or even cyber bullying, it needs to be stopped. Bullying is more common than we realize. Studies show that between 15 – 25% of all kids up through high school age are bullied, while many bullying incidents go unreported. That’s almost 1 out every 4 kids are bullied. It is estimated that each day 160,000 kids will miss school for fear of being bullied.

Many adults don’t even know that their child is being bullied because many kids are afraid to report it. It’s important to talk to your children and get to know how things are going at school, social events, in the neighborhood, or even sporting activities. Specifically ask your child how are they being treated by other kids. That will help open the dialog, and could expose potential problems your child may be having with others. Even if your child is not encountering bullying problems it’s good to educate them about the topic, and prepare them with the means to deal with it if it happens to them. There are many good resources online for parents and kids to learn about bullying and more importantly to learn about prevention and intervention strategies.

In many cases if our kids simply stand up to the bullying they can stop it. But many don’t stand up for themselves because they don’t know what to do, especially when the bullying gets physical. That’s where, as a last stand, we need to arm our kids with a physical means to defend themselves if they are attacked. Statistics show that almost half of all bullying incidents end up in physical violence. If at all possible we want to avoid physical means of self-defense by using other intervention strategies, but sometimes we have no choice. If a child is empowered with self-defense skills, that will give them the confidence to deal with a bully who is using physical aggression against them. More importantly the confidence they gain will help them in other aspects of their lives and increase their overall self-esteem. Generally when kids have higher confidence and self-esteem, they tend to be a lesser target for would be bullies. Don’t wait until it is too late, start empowering your kids today, before they become victimized by bullying.

6th in State (posted 2/21/2015)
Congratulations Evan Eldred for a 6th place finish in the IHSAA Wrestling State Finals in the 132 lb weight class.  Great job representing Westfield High School and going 2-2 in the state tournament. Evan is a junior, so has another year to earn a higher spot on the podium.  Evan was also named Academic All State Honorable Mention by the Wrestling Coaches Association.  

Evan earns 2nd trip to State Finals (posted 2/18/2015)
Evan Eldred will be one of sixteen wrestlers competing this weekend at the IHSAA Wrestling State Finals in the 132lb weight class.  This is Evan's second trip to the State Finals in 3 years.  Competition begins Friday evening Feb 20th at 6:00 pm at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in downtown Indianapolis.  If you loose your first match Friday evening you're out of the competition, and the 8 winners move on to Saturday where they will place out to 8th place.  Good Luck Evan and we hope to see you on the podium Saturday evening.   

Birth of the UFC (posted 2/1/2015)


It’s hard to believe it’s been over 20 years since the first UFC. As a student at the Gracie Academy back then I received this flyer in the mail in early October 1993 promoting the first UFC. I was in the middle of a job relocation at the end of October and was unable to attend. Of course looking back I really wish I would have gone, but instead my wife and I watched on TV from our new apartment in Cincinnati, OH with the other 86,000 pay per view subscribers. Can you imagine $50 ring side seats? I had confidence that Royce was going to be successful that night as I had already been training with the Gracies for 3 years and knew first hand the effectiveness of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. By then I had already witnessed several challenge fights at the academy, which a few are showcased in the “Gracie In Action” video series. I don’t think it was ever intended to be, but UFC 1 was the launch of a new sport which we now call MMA. It did for sure show the world the effectiveness of jiu-jitsu and caused it to be the fastest growing martial art on the planet.  Greg Eldred

Jiu Jitsu Global Federation (posted 10/16/2014)

JJGF Academy

Indianapolis Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is now a member of the new Jiu Jitsu Global Federation headed by Master Rickson Gracie.  Master Caique is part of this new Federation and has asked all of his affiliates to become members.  To find out more about the new JJGF visit their website at www.jjgf.com

Wrestling All American (posted 7/26/2014)
Congratulations to Evan Eldred (in blue) for placing 7th and earning an All American status in the USA Wrestling Freestyle Nationals in Fargo, ND.  Evan wrestled in the Cadet 132lb weight class representing Team Indiana.  He is the first All American wrestler from his high school in Westfield.  Evan has two more years of high school left and we hope to see many more great things from him.  He was one of 5 Cadet and 3 Junior All Americans from Team Indiana.  His Cadet team placed 5th overall in the Nationals.  His weight class started out with 80 of the best wrestlers in the nation, and Evan managed to work his way to the podium.  What a great accomplishment placing 7th in the nation.  

Indy BJJ Students win Hoosier Open hardware (posted 6/22/2014)

Congratulations and great job to all Indy BJJ students who competed in the June 7, 2014 Hoosier Open.  Special acknowledgements go out to the medal winners:


1st - Jason Thompson (Master Light Blue)
2nd - Ryan Marques (Master Heavy Purple)
2nd - Rudy Guerrero (Master Middle Blue)
2nd - Travis Hawkins (Master Lt/Heavy Blue)
3rd - Caleb Holtz (Adult SuperFeather White)
3rd - Scott White (Master SuperHeavy White)
3rd - Bill Baugh (Senir Middle White)

Indy BJJ medal winners contributed to a 1st Place Team award for Team Caique. 

Clinton sets his sights on Mundials (posted 3/23/2014)

While growing up Clinton Johnson was always a fan of MMA and aware of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and its origins.  After participating in sports throughout school, he was looking to channel his competitive nature. In 2010 Clinton found Indianapolis Jiu-Jitsu, attended a trial class and joined the academy in August.  Quickly falling in love with BJJ, Clinton decided to enter his first competition in November 2010, and won both of his matches by points.  From then on he got the competition bug.  

In 2011 Clinton kicked into high gear entering 10 tournaments and earning 13 medals. 2012 was a breakthrough year for Clinton starting with 2 Gold medals at a January tournament giving up no points on the day. After much training at the academy and winning the Hoosier Open for the second consecutive year, Clinton earned his Blue Belt from Professor Greg Eldred in July 2012. 

Clinton transitioned well into Blue Belt competition winning his weight division and the absolute in September 2012. During 2013 Clinton continued competing and earned 8 medals in five competitions. For 2014, Clinton has set his sights on the most prestigious BJJ tournament in the world, the Mundials, in May. Having world-class instruction by Professor Greg Eldred multiple times per week is helping him prepare to be Indy BJJ’s first world champion.  Good Luck Clinton!

Headed to State (posted 2/19/2014)
Dillon Eldred is headed to the IHSAA Wrestling State Finals.  Congratulations on a great senior year season, and by ending your high school career at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in downtown Indianapolis.  Very few wrestlers ever get that opportunity.  Dillon heads into the State Finals with a 39-3 record. He's one of 16 wrestlers competing in the 138lb weight class.  Dillon has also been named to 1st Team Academic All State with a GPA of 4.19.

Wrestling Season Update (posted 1/17/2014)
With post season tournament action right around the corner Dillon and Evan Eldred both are having a great season.  Dillon is still undefeated with a record of 27-0, and currently ranked 8th in the state at 138lbs.  Evan is currently ranked 6th in the state at 132lbs with record of 21-1.  Good Luck in February. 

Eldred Brothers Off To A Great Start (posted 12/10/2013)

Dillon and Evan Eldred are off to a great start to their high school wrestling season at Westfield High School.  Both boys are undefeated with a 10-0 record.  Evan a sophmore, and state qualifier from last season, is currently ranked 4th in the state at 132lbs.  Dillon a senior, just reached his 96th high school career win, and is ranked 12th in the state at 138lbs.  Keep up the great wrestling.

Indy BJJ Fire Fighter Fights For Worthy Cause (posted 12/3/2013)

Our very own Travis Hawkins participated in the 911 Slugfest recently and won by a unanimous decision over his opponent.  This event is an amateur boxing competition between central Indiana's bravest police officers and finest firefighters. The police team and the fire team consist of 13 fighters, who strap on the headgear and boxing gloves and step through the ropes to fight for charity.  The event raised $50,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Fight Doctor at the UFC (posted 9/5/2013)

          Dr. Medler with Stitch
Indy BJJ student and ER physician Dr. Jason Medler has been working MMA events across the state of Indiana for the past couple of years as the physician responsible for fighter physicals and taking care of injuries that occur during the bouts.  Dr. Medler, licensed by the Indiana Gaming Commission was one of a few Indiana physicians who was selected to work the UFC Fight Night event broadcast live on FOX Sports 1, on August 28th at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis.  Jason had a great time working the UFC event, he met several UFC veteran fighters and staff members and even got some good TV time for himself, including during the main event where he was assigned to Carols Condit.  Dr. Medler is pictured here with notable UFC cutman Jacob Duran who is known as Stitch.

Team Indy at Hoosier Open (posted 6/5/2013)

        Jake Edwards - 1st Place

Great job to all our Team Indy BJJ guys who competed in the 10th Annual Hoosier Open on June 1st.  The tournament had a record number of total competitors for it's 10th year.  Competition is fun, and it's a great way to see how you measure up against other bjj students.  Indy BJJ had 15 of our 17 students who competed win medals which is fantastic.   

Congratulations to the following medal winners:

1st Place
Jacob Edwards
Jake Edwards
Myles Gomez
Evan Eldred

2nd Place
Carson Eldred
Ryan Marques
Clinton Johnson III
Anthony Cruz
Dan Recker
Matt Smedley
Jason Donhardt

3rd Place
Kellan Meeker
Mason Merkel
Rick Byram
Dillon Eldred

Benefits of Sparring (posted 1/9/2013)

At some point in your jiu jitsu training it will be time for you to start participating in open mat or sparring sessions, often referred to as “rolling” in jiu-jitsu.  Some schools don’t advise it until a student has sufficient background, which may vary from just a couple months to several months of practice.  In any case it’s an integral part of the learning process, and it will put you on the path of increasing your proficiency in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Initially your training may start with technique learning and repetition, but eventually your training should consist of these 3 basic parts:  Technique learning with repetition, drilling, and sparring.  

Some people have the mindset that sparring is just for those who desire jiu-jitsu competition. That is far from the truth.  Sparring has many benefits as I will share some with you, whether you’re intending to compete or not.  Nothing else prepares you for a real fight, or competition as well as live sparring.  It’s a great way to get and stay in shape as it is a high cardiovascular workout.  Keeping your body in shape has all the health benefits, but more importantly if you are attacked on the street you’ll have the endurance to properly defend yourself and go the distance to achieve a successful outcome, likewise in competition.  

Regular sparring also gives you the chance to practice the techniques you have learned.  It gives you the opportunity to try your stuff out against a live, resisting opponent, as opposed to your partner typically being more cooperative when just practicing techniques in class.  Sparring also helps improve the timing of applying your techniques, and your reaction time to your opponents movements and behavior. Throughout the sparring match your body will be in a number of different positions, and you will learn how to react and deal with all of those situations that may come up in a real fight, or in competition.  You will get in bad positions especially if you spar with higher ranking students, and that’s when sparring also will help develop your patience and teach you to not use your strength, but rather rely on your technique and skill.  Sparring also helps develop your strategic thinking and to anticipate your opponents movements. You will learn to always be one step ahead of your opponent as you will be able to plan out a sequence of moves in advance, or you will be able to defend off some action of theirs in advance.

The more often you spar the better off you will be when or if the time comes for you to use your jiu-jitsu, whether it’s in competition or if you find yourself in a real fight.  A student once told me who was attacked out on the street that because of his frequent sparring and drilling in class the actual fight felt he was training at the academy.  He felt comfortable, didn’t panic, and his jiu-jitsu reflexes just kicked in.  The last thing you want to happen in the fight is for it to feel unfamiliar or awkward.  You have techniques in your mind, but you’re not comfortable or polished in combining them in sequences, or connecting the dots as we say.  This can be a bad feeling and a bad outcome.      

This article is intended to tell you that you need to incorporate sparring into your training regimen.  How to spar and things to consider while sparring to get the most out of your training is a whole other topic.  Meanwhile, keep polishing your techniques, and find time to incorporate sparring into your routine.

Good Luck -  Greg Eldred

Helio Gracie Day - Oct 1st (posted 10/1/2012)

Greg Eldred and Grand Master Helio Gracie.
Helio Gracie was born October 1, 1913.  He would have been 99 years old today.  The Grandmaster made his life a mission to expand Jiu-Jitsu throughout the world.  Let’s all remember this day and his legacy and we all thank him for how Gracie Jiu Jitsu changed our lives.

Why take Womens Self Defense Lessons? (posted 9/24/2012)

Let’s be real, the world we live in is not a safe place.  There are bad people out there looking for victims to prey on. Therefore, you need to know how to protect yourself in case someone targets you for reasons of harassment, theft, rape, or to cause bodily harm.  Not being prepared can result in serious consequences such as unwanted sexual proposals and action, serious injury or even death. You cannot control the desires and behavior of such bad people, but you can certainly take actions to minimize and prevent yourself from being the one chosen for the attack.  And if you are attacked the use of self defense techniques and strategies can save your life.

Whether the attack is physical or sexual, the experience can leave both emotional and physical scars that can last a lifetime.  You will never be the same.  You will always replay the attack over in your mind wondering what you could have done differently to avoid or escape from the situation.  You will question yourself as to why you never took a women’s self defense class. 

There are three steps you must do to better protect yourself from would be attackers.  1.) You must have a greater awareness.  You need to pay better attention to your surroundings, as this is your first line of defense.  Attackers are looking for easy victims who are not aware, as they are easy targets, because they have the element of surprise at their advantage. 2.) You must take measures to reduce your risks.  This can be from how you look, to how you act, and even how you talk.  Also don’t go into isolated areas alone, and if you are going out, go with people and stay around people.  Make sure your body language shows a sense of confidence.  If you don’t feel comfortable going to certain places, then don’t go there. 3.) Take a self defense class.  The best way, in fact, the only way to prepare yourself to fight off an attacker is to take a self defense class.  Self defense classes can teach you special techniques for breaking from an attacker’s grasp and other things you can do to get away. 

Many women might take action by implementing the first two steps mentioned above, and skip the self defense training.  But what do you do when those barriers are broken down, you let your guard down for that one moment, and suddenly you are in a frightening situation?  Crime can happen to anyone at anytime, even if you are prepared.  Taking a women’s self defense class will empower you to stand up for yourself and take control of your own life.

There should be no excuses when it comes to your personal safety. Women's self defense classes are not expensive.  They are not hard to find, and they don’t take a big time commitment.  So take the time and find a class. Enroll and attend. Do a friend or family member a favor and take them along with you.

2012 Hoosier Open (posted 6/12/2012)

The 9th Annual Hoosier Open is in the books.  It was one of our largest turnouts yet.  We received many compliments on our new look with the fencing and new mats.  We had competitors from 11 states participating.  The results are posted on our tournament website:  www.usabjjtournaments.com.

IndyBJJ had 6 Gold medalist, 4 Silver, and 1 Bronze.  Great Job Team.

Michigan Open NO GI (posted 4/16/2012)
After 8 years of putting on tournaments in Indiania, California, and Michigan, we are finally adding a NO GI event to our 2012 schedule.  Our first NO GI tournament will be held in Michigan on April 22.  For tournament details and online registration visit our tournament website at www.usabjjtournaments.com.  IndyBJJ has been partnering with Master Caique in California and Warrior Way Martial Arts in Michigan on putting on three GI only tournaments each year.  We hope  to expand our NO GI events to Indiana and California in the future.   

Jan 28th Fundraiser (posted 1/5/2012)
Carrie Jenkins the mother of two of our Indianapolis Jiu-Jitsu students is co-organizing a fundraiser for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.  The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund has provided close to $120 million in support for the families of military personnel lost in service to our nation, and for severely wounded military personnel and veterans.  These efforts are funded entirely with donations from the public, and hundreds of thousands of individuals have contributed to the Fund.  Carrie’s husband Chad is currently serving in Afghanistan.

The fundraiser will be held at the Fox and Hound Bar and Grill in Carmel, IN on Saturday, January 28th from 8 – 10 pm, during the UFC on FOX broadcast.  There is no admission or cover charge.  Private, smoke-free rooms are reserved, so all ages are welcome.  In addition to watching the fights, you will have the opportunity to take home some amazing authentic sports memorabilia.  These items range from NASCAR Drivers, UFC fighters, NFL Players to professional golfers, basketball players and baseball players. These items will be given away through raffles and silent auction.  The list keeps growing!  Carrie’s husband has also provided some items that he flew on recent combat missions.  Carrie says they will also be joined by UFC fighters Chris Lytle, Matt Mitrione and Shamar Bailey and a true American hero Josh Bleill.  We hope you’ll be part of this great fundraiser to support the men and women of the armed forces and their families.

Indy BJJ New Black Belt (posted 10/2/2011)

Congratulations to Chris Keidel for receiving his Black Belt from Master Caique on Sept, 30, 2011.  Chris started training jiu-jitsu in 1997 with Greg Eldred.  He is a great student, instructor, and friend, and his loyality and dedication to Prof Greg Eldred and Master Caique is unmatched.  Chris was promoted in a ceremony following a 2 hour seminar by Master Caique.  We also gained a new Brown Belt that evening - Kim Freeman who has a great devotion to the art of jiu-jitsu.  We are proud of everyone for these remarkable achievements.  Click here for PHOTOS of the occasion.  

Carmel Safety Day (posted 9/19/2011)

        John Hillman at Safety Day

Sept 17, 2011 Indy BJJ participated in the city of Carmel's Public Safety Day hosted by the Fire and Police Departments.  This was a free event that included educational booths by local businesses and organizations designed to teach children and families basic safety techniques on a wide range of topics.  Also, health and wellness booths were on display.  Activities at each booth gave children and adults a chance to test their knowledge or ask questions about a given safety, health, or wellness concern.

Indy BJJ Professer Greg Eldred and his student John Hillman gave self-defense demonstrations, as well as taught visitors to the booth a basic wrist grab escape technique.  We were very busy the whole day, and we're glad to be part of this event.  We hope that people left our booth knowing more than they did when they arrived.

Click here to see some PHOTOS of the event.

Successful 8th Hoosier Open (posted 7/2/2011)
The 8th Annual Hoosier Open was held on June 11, 2011.  Thanks to all the competitors, instructors, spectators, and volunteers who make this great competition possible.  We continue to receive positve comments about how well our events are ran, and have many repeat participants year after year.  Tournament Results and Photos are posted on our tournament website at http://www.usabjjtournaments.com/.

Will BJJ help a Wrestler? (posted 4/11/2011)

I’ve wanted to tackle this question for a while now.  Over the years I’ve read various opinions about it and finally I’m ready to offer my own.  I want to start out by saying, if you want to be a wrestler then first and foremost you better practice wrestling.  If you are wrestling then I’m sure you’re doing that with your school or club team, at least during the season.  If you happen to live in an area where wrestling is offered in the off-season, it would be a good idea to participate in that as well.  Okay, so what if you don’t have off-season wrestling in your area, or what if you’re burned out on wrestling after a long season.  That’s where jiu-jitsu might come in.  Keep in mind jiu-jitsu and wrestling are two different sports, with their own objectives.  Also consider, other than for sport, jiu-jitsu is a self-defense system.  What jiu-jitsu can do for the wrestler is fill the gap during the off-season.  It keeps you on the mat.  Sure, you’re going to learn techniques that aren’t allowed in wrestling such as submissions, and how to work in the guard position, which being on your back in wrestling is a bad thing, but over time you will also learn techniques that you can take back to the wrestling mat.  Furthermore, jiu-jitsu is not a bad thing to know, as you will learn skills that can be used for the rest of your life if you are ever attacked out in the street.

I’m gonna go out on a limb by saying practicing jiu-jitsu will make you a better wrestler.  I can say that with experience.  I have been practicing jiu-jitsu for over 20 years, and have been assisting in coaching wrestling for 11 years.  Let me make things clear though…. I was never a wrestler myself.  All wrestling I’ve learned has been from the great coaches and programs my kids have been involved with.  I have three boys, a freshman in high school, one in 7th and another in 3rd grade.  They all have wrestled and practiced jiu-jitsu since kindergarten.  This year my older son, as a high school freshman, was a semi-state qualifier.  As an 8th grader for his middle school team he was undefeated and won the City Championship.  This year my 7th grader, won the City Championship, and finished his middle school season undefeated.  He also competes in ISWA (Indiana State Wrestling Association) events and had an overall season record of 30-7.  As a 5th and 6th grader he finished runner up in the City tournament.  And finally my 3rd grader, a small one too at 50 lbs, this year won his City Championship.  Throughout the years we’ve collected more “boards” from tournament wins than what we know what to do with.
I really don’t think you need to do jiu-jitsu since childbirth to be able to translate the applicable skills over to the wrestling mat.  In fact, if you are already a wrestler, I think it will be much easier for you to differentiate what jiu-jitsu techniques can apply to your wrestling game.  Exactly what techniques am I talking about?  We’ll get to that in a minute.  I already mentioned what skills won’t help your wrestling such as submissions, and working in the guard position, and of course, there’s more that won’t help as well.  There are specific techniques that can directly apply, but also what helps is not just a specific move or technique, but it’s the use of leverage, balance, control, positioning, gripping, base, and posture that are all learned and refined as a jiu-jitsu practitioner.  Yeh, I know those same skills are learned in wrestling too.  But I believe jiu-jitsu offers an extension or different perspective in developing those skills, because it’s a fighting system incorporating a wider range of positions and techniques not practiced in wrestling.
In the past I’ve had opportunities to show my sons wrestling teams specific jiu-jitsu techniques that can be used on the wrestling mat.  I’d rather have someone come to class and figure it out for themselves.  But, just to mention a few, there are some nice headlock escapes that saved several of our kids from getting pinned.  Also, the rear mount is a great dominating position, and a great place to be in fight, and we get pretty good at it.  It will definitely help your leg riding or back riding in wrestling.  My older son actually pinned a senior, a #1 seed in our conference tournament, using a mounting technique when you have their back and are about to lose the position.  He lost to him badly earlier in the season, but that victory help his seeding in the post season sectional tournament.  We also use our feet as hooks for sweeps or reversals and our legs a lot in jiu-jitsu, and my kids find ways to implement that into their wrestling game.

I can’t even begin to cover all the jiu-jitsu techniques that will help you in wrestling.  That is mostly dependent upon you.  The longer you practice jiu-jitsu you’ll start to figure it out on your own.  Also don’t forget practicing jiu-jitsu in the off-season is a great opportunity to keep you on the mat, and keep your grappling skills fresh.  The techniques you learn that can’t be used in wrestling are not a waste of your time either.  You’ll be learning the most effective fighting techniques in the world, which you can take with you long after your wrestling career is over.

Prof Greg Eldred

Semi-State Bound (posted 2/11/2011)

Dillon Eldred in green

We know this isn't Jiu-Jitsu news but we have to congratulate and acknowledge Dillon Eldred for his High School wrestling accomplishments this season.  Dillon, a freshman at Westfield High School has advanced to the Semi-State round, which will take place Saturday, Feb 12.  This season Dillon placed 4th in the Hamilton County tournament, 2nd is his Conference tournament, 4th in the Sectionals, and 4th in the Regionals.  Good Luck in the Semi-State!!

The Old Days Part 3 (posted 12/17/2010)
Many people ask me how I got started “teaching” Gracie/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, so I thought I’d talk about that here in part 3.  It was actually Rorion Gracie’s idea.  I was a student at the Gracie Academy for almost 3 years, and was about to relocate to Cincinnati, Ohio for a new job.  In October 1993, I met with Rorion in his office a few weeks before moving, and he presented me with an idea he had about starting training clubs or associations across the United States, as this would be a good way to spread Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.  He said he first needed to get the UFC project off the ground, but would take on that task the following year.  Meanwhile, he got me in touch with several martial arts schools in the Cincinnati area, (schools that were on his mailing list, or had instructors that attended seminars in the Midwest), and he suggested I try to hook up with one of them and start training there.  When I arrived in Cincinnati, I contacted a Tae Kwon Do school owner named Tom Federle, who he and a couple of his students were familiar with Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, by attending a seminar in the past, and they were very happy to have me train with them at their academy.  Initially it was just a few of us training on Sundays, but over time it grew to about 30 people.  Meanwhile we would also attend Royce Gracie seminars in the region, and as well, had him come to our place, and some of us would travel annually to the Gracie Academy in California.  Also, Relson Gracie was regularly coming to Columbus, OH at that time where some of us would go learn from him, or I would even take private lessons with him. 
About a year or so later Rorion asked me to be an official charter representative and I became one of the first few Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Training Association Representatives in the United States.  I think initially there were about 6 - 8 locations across the U.S. that started around the 1995 time frame.  Most of the representatives were not certified “teachers” or “instructors” under the Gracie Academy initially.  A representative’s role was to organize and supervise training sessions based on the techniques they learned from seminars, instruction at the Gracie Academy, or by using the Gracie instructional videotape series.  For a representative to call himself a “teacher” or “instructor” he needed to complete a rigorous instructor certification process requiring a significant time commitment and frequent travel to the Gracie Academy in California, which I wasn’t able to do.  Nevertheless, my participation as a TA Representative is how I began to gain experience sharing the art of jiu-jitsu to others.
The Gracie Academy was very selective in choosing chapter representatives, and I think eventually they had around 45 Training Associations across the U.S., but could have easily had over 200 if they did not have strict selection criteria.  In late1996, my job relocated me to Indianapolis, where there I also started a Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Training Association.  By that time a few of the guys in Cincinnati (Dale Dean, Harold Roberts, and Andy Nogueira), who had trained with me for a couple years, we’re approved to take over the Cincinnati Training Association.  As a fun piece of trivia, during 1996, my last year in Cincinnati, I had a student member by the name of Rich Franklin, who ended up being one of the most decorated UFC fighters of all time.  - Professor Greg Eldred

Caique Seminar Sept 26th (posted 10/8/2010)
We had a great seminar with Master Caique on Sept. 26th.  The focus of this seminar was how to keep your opponent on the ground, a very important aspect our of Jiu-Jitsu self-defense program.  We would like to congratulate the following students on their promotions at the seminar: Chris Keidel, Jon Hillman, Brandon Thomas, Andrew Hartstein, and Rudy Guerrero.

The Old Days Part 2 (posted 8/9/2010)
This is a continuation of some of my memories and stories about the old days at the Gracie Academy back in the early 90’s.  After exactly one year of training at the Gracie Academy, in January 1992 during one of my classes, Royce had us spar for several minutes near the end of the class.  He didn’t do this all the time, but occasionally, I think to evaluate students.  While we were sparring, Royce left the room for a brief moment, when he returned he presented me with my Blue Belt.  They didn’t do belt testing back then, and it was generally known that you’d be a white belt for at least a year.  I don’t know what ever happened to my original white belt, I probably threw it away, but since then I’ve kept all my other belts.  Back then there was no stripe system within each belt color.  You wouldn’t know if someone had been a blue belt for 3 weeks or for 3 years, but the best indicator was how faded and frayed their belt was.  Also,  I only remember there being just a couple purple belt students around.  The Gracie’s didn’t start using the stripe system until 1993 shortly before I moved away from southern California.  In all the classes Royce began notifying the students to sew a black patch at the end of their belt.  Slowly I started to see other students, including myself with black patches on the ends of their belts.  Then it came down to my last class before I moved away, and it was at that time Royce put 2 stripes on my Blue Belt.  Prior to that, I had not seen any other students given their stripe(s) yet, so, I possibly may have been the first student to ever receive them.

I remember one day Rorion Gracie announced an investment opportunity for his students.  A meeting was scheduled one evening at the academy where 30 – 40 of us students showed up.  Rorion and an advertising executive named Art Davie presented an idea for an event called the Ultimate Fighting Challenge, and was looking for investors at $1000 each.  For the Gracie’s that event would be a means for which the Gracie family can promote and prove to the world that Gracie Jiu-Jitsu was a more superior martial art.  It was going to feature different disciplines against one another, in order to determine which martial art style was most effective in no holds barred combat.   At that time it was not affordable for me to be an investor, if I only knew how things would have turned out.  The first UFC was in November 1993, and was held as an 8 man tournament (I believe this format was used until UFC 18) in which Royce Gracie represented the family winning an incredible 3 matches in one evening and became the first UFC Champion.  Royce went on to win UFC 2 and 4 and fought to a draw with Ken Shamrock in a Superfight in UFC 5.  Shortly after UFC 5, the Gracie’s sold their portion of the UFC reportedly due to the implementation of time limits and other rules imposed on the fighters that went against BJJ fighting philosophy.  Also, by that time the Gracie’s had already proven their point about Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.  After 17 years and 117 UFC’s later we pretty much see that most competitors are using Jiu-Jitsu in some aspect of their game.  As a Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Training Association Representative the Gracie Academy used to send me UFC posters to display at our club.  I still have my Royce Gracie autographed UFC 5 poster hanging up at my academy, but for the likes of me I don’t know what ever happened to the earlier posters.

People always ask me how I starting teaching Gracie/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, so I will talk about that in Part 3. - Thanks,  Professor Greg Eldred    

South Bay Open Results (posted 8/1/2010)

We just got back from putting on our second of 3 tournaments this year, the South Bay Open in southern California.  The Hoosier Open was held back in June, and the Michigan Open is scheduled for Oct 2nd.  Greg Eldred from Indy BJJ, and Harvy Berman of Warrior Way in Michigan, along with Master Caique each host a tournament at their home location.  Our "team" operates each tournament, keeping the quality at the highest level.  Our team has put on over 20 tournaments in the last 7 years.

We had over 770 competitors at the South Bay Open, making it our greatest turnout yet.  It was a two day event held on July 24th and 25th.  We continue to improve our events each year, and this year was no exception.  We implemented the use of professional bracketing software we had custom developed for our double elimination format, and we made the brackets available online for the competitors to review.

We'd like to thank all of our sponsors for their continued support.  If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities send inquiries to indianapolisbjj@aol.com.

To find out more about our tournaments visit our web site at www.usabjjtournaments.com

The Old Days Part I (posted 6/3/2010)

     Greg & Helio Gracie

I started taking lessons at the Gracie Academy in Torrance, CA almost 20 years ago in January 1991.  This was 3 years before the first UFC, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was mostly unknown at that time here in the United States.  The UFC platform helped propel the Gracie family name and their style of martial art into mainstream America and the rest of the world.   A friend of mine, and long time martial artist of several disciplines, first told me about the Gracie’s, as he had already been taking lessons from them for a couple of months.  He couldn’t believe the effectiveness yet simplicity of the things these skinny mild mannered Brazilians were teaching him.  He said that what he had learned in those few months of practicing jiu-jitsu would be much more beneficial to him in a real street fight than the many years of his other martial arts experienced combined.  He encouraged me to come to class with him to check things out, and said the Gracie brothers were very nice and welcoming to everyone.  So, I did just that, I went to the Gracie Academy with my friend one evening and I immediately knew it was something I wanted to be involved in.  I was the Gracie Academies 197th student.

Back then students started out with privates lessons.  The academy had 2 small rooms, and a larger room for bigger classes.   For the first 6 months or so all of my lessons were one on one with either Royler or Royce in one of the small private rooms.  They focused on teaching new students street self defense, including, the club, knife, and gun techniques, as well as fundamental ground techniques.  Eventually students were put into small semi-private classes of 2 – 3 other students.  I don’t remember classes being any bigger than that, at least not until after the first UFC and their popularity skyrocketed.  After my first year Royler moved back to Brazil, then most of my classes from then on were with Royce, and occasionally with Rorion or Rickson.  Eventually, Rickson started branching out on his own teaching classes at a couple other locations.  People always ask me if Rickson was incredible, and the answer is always yes.  There was also a Brown Belt named Craig Kukuk, who started teaching some classes at that time, who soon after became the first American to receive a Black Belt in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.   And I’ll never forget a Black Belt named Fabio Santos who they brought in to teach at the academy too.  Fabio is one of the nicest guys you could meet, and yet looks like one mean dude, who also had some of the greatest fight stories.

The Gracie’s used to have challenge matches at the academy, where local martial artists of all types would call them up and challenge them to a no-rules match to see whose style is really the best.  The Gracie’s used to upset some in the martial arts community with their claims that they had the most realistic and effective style of martial art, so many lined up to try and disprove that.  I had the privilege of witnessing several of these fights, where Royce or Royler always emerged victorious, and it only deepened my desire to make jiu-jitsu a permanent part of my life.  Some of the fights I witnessed are on a video they produced called “Gracie in Action II”.  If you’ve ever seen it I’m one of the students standing up against the wall.  In one challenge match I witnessed, the challenger cried after being beat because he was so devastated and upset that his technique was not effective against Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. - Part II will be coming soon.  Professor Greg Eldred

Master Caique Seminar Feb 28th (posted 3/1/2010)

Master Caique visited us on Feb. 28, 2010 for a 3 hour seminar.  We learned lots of great stuff, especially some good techniques from the bottom in the open guard.  Several students received promotions from Professor Greg Eldred and Master Caique in a ceremony following the seminar.  A big congrats to TEAM INDY's new PURPLE BELTS, Josh Womack, and Ahmad Ali.  See the complete list of promotions here on the Home page under PROMOTIONS.  Here's some PHOTOS from the seminar.

Indy BJJ at Old Navy (posted 1/17/2010)
January 16th Indy Jiu-Jitsu spent the afternoon performing demos at the Old Navy store at Clay Terrace in Carmel.  Old Navy was holding a huge weekend sale and invited us to be part of their promotion.  We held Women's Self-Defense, Adult Jiu-Jitsu, and Kid's Jiu-Jitsu demonstrations.  It was a great chance for us to show the public what Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is all about, and how effective it is as a self-defense system for men, women, and even children.  Assisting with Greg Eldred at the demo were his student Lucas Yeazel, his wife Kim, and his sons Dillon, Evan, and Carson.  

Hooser Open date set for 2010 (posted 12/8/2009)
The 7th Annual Hoosier Open date has been set.  The tournament will be Saturday, June 12, 2010.  Visit our tournament web site at www.USABJJTOURNAMENTS.com for more info.

Master Caique Seminar (posted 10/26/2009)

Team Indy had a great seminar on Oct 25th with Master Caique.  This was his first seminar in Indy as a Red/Black Belt that he received earlier this year from Master Rickson Gracie.  Everyone had a good time learning jiu-jitsu from one of the best.  Many students received well earned and deserved promotions during the seminar from Professor Greg Eldred and Master Caique.  Caique also visited his affiliate at the IU campus in Bloomington this weekend. We can't wait until his next trip to Indiana!  Here's some PHOTOS from the seminar.

Michigan Open Results (posted 9/28/2009)

Team Indy did a great job at the 4th Annual Michigan Open this past weekend.  We had 6 compete, and brought home 6 medals.  Congrats to our 1st Place winners:  Melissa Anderson, Kaleb Ferland, and Erik Sanford.  2nd Place winners: Brad Bishop and Andy Kelsay.  3rd Place winner: Jordan Flemming.

There were over 40 schools competing in this years event, with alot of great competition.  Visit our tournament website USABJJTOURNAMENTS for the 2009 Michigan Open results and photos.

Click link CAIQUE INTERVIEW to view a video interview with Master Caique at the Michigan Open. 

South Bay Open - 630 Competitors (posted 7/17/2009)

We just got back from LA after putting on the 2nd of our 3 tournaments this year with Caique.  The South Bay Open held in Southern California each year produced our largest turn out yet this past July 11th and 12th. We had 630 competitors for the 2 day event.  Three of our Indianapolis Jiu-Jitsu students made the trip to compete, and to help us run the event.  Josh Womack, Andy Kelsay, and Melissa Anderson all competed and had some good matches.  A big congratulations goes to Melissa Anderson who earned a Gold Medal in the Women's White Belt competition.  We are looking forward to the Michigan Open on September 26th!!!

Hoosier Open results (posted 6/18/2009)

The 6th Annual Hoosier Open held on June, 13th was a big success.  Thanks to all the competitors, instructors, spectators, and volunteers for supporting our event.  Photos are now available on the tournament website at this link: Hoosier Open Photos.  Results are now posted at www.usabjjtournaments.com.

Caique promoted to Red/Black Belt (posted 3/9/2009)

We are very excited and happy for Professor Caique who received his Red/Black belt on March 9th from Master Rickson Gracie in Brazil.  This promotion is also sanctioned by the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation of Rio de Janeiro.  Caique was promoted to 7th degree, in which the traditional black belt is replaced with an alternating red/black belt.  The red/black belt is for 7th and 8th degree, then 9th degree would be promoted to red belt.  Caique is one of 3 or 4 Red/Black belts in the United States.  It is a great honor to be his student and friend.

March 1st Caique Seminar Success (posted 3/3/2009)

Everyone had a great time learning from one of the best while Caique was here in Indianapolis on March 1st.  We had 30 people attend the seminar, and Caique was excited to see everyone again.  We can't wait until next time! CLICK HERE for more seminar photos!

Womens Self Defense Course Offered (posted 3/2/2009)
We are currently taking reservations for a Women's Self-Defense course.  The course will begin on Saturday, March 14th.  Each class will be from 8:30 - 9:30 a.m.  The course will be 1 hour per week for 8 weeks.  Reservations are required.  Class size will be limited to 12 participants.  Additional courses will be scheduled, so please contact us to find out availability.

This program will prepare women for real life threatening encounters.  It will enable you to perform simple effective escape techniques, and will remove ones feeling of helplessness.  Our techniques will provide you with the skills and knowledge to escape from an attacker, whether you are standing on your feet or lying on the ground.  The escape moves are based on leverage and technique and do not require strength, speed or coordination.  Our techniques are unique as they do not rely exclusively on kicking and punching, as other martial arts.  Kicking and punching are not effective against a bigger, stronger person, and is useless on the ground, which is where you may end up when being attacked.

To inquire or register, contact Greg Eldred at 506-0973, or email at indianapolisbjj@aol.com.

Day Classes and Kids Classes coming in March (posted 1/30/2009)

I am very happy and excited to announce that our schedule will be expanding beginning in March.  Adult day classes are being added, as well as Kids classes.  I've had many many requests and inquires over the years about when I'd be adding day classes for those who can't make evening classes, or when I'd be offering kids classes.

I'm glad that now I am able to provide the opportunity for many more people to learn the fabulous martial art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  I've dedicated 18 years of my life to jiu-jitsu, which not many in the United States can claim.  Jiu-Jitsu has been a huge part of my life and my families, and I'm glad that I can now devote full time to my academy.

Please see our new Schedule for all class times.  Anyone is welcome to come check us out and take a free class and I'm looking forward to seeing you soon.

Greg Eldred
Black Belt/Owner - Indianapolis Jiu-Jitsu

Caique Seminar - Oct 25th (posted 10/25/2008)

Caique demonstrating a technique.
Several of us took the opportunity to attend the Caique seminar in Bloomington on Oct. 25th.  The seminar was great, and it was good to see all our friends who train in Southern Indiana.  Congratulations to Maurice Salmon and Mark Busby for getting their promotions to 1st stripe white belt, and for Chris Keidel for his 2nd stripe brown belt promotion.

South Bay Open in California (posted 7/27/2008)

Charles Gracie, Fabio Santos, Relson Gracie, Caique
The South Bay Open in California was held on July 26th and 27th.  It is one of three tournaments Greg helps organize and run, in partnership with Professor Caique.  We had over 500 competitors at this event competing in 110 divisions.  We continue to get much feedback on how well we run our tournaments.  Click here to see a few photos. South Bay photos   

2008 Hoosier Open Results (posted 6/22/2008)

Congratulations to all our Indianapolis BJJ and Fishers TKD BJJ students for placing at the Hoosier Open on Saturday, June 14th:

Gold Medal Winners
Evan Eldred
Luke Sartino
Matt Paronish
Matt Burosh
Savannah Young
Erik DeWhitt
Samantha Cameron
Kasi Young
Jason Kesler

Silver Medal Winners
Bryan Goossen
Erik Sanford
David George
Jordy Long
Ellie Anatrella
Josh Hagan
Kim Jackson
Bryan Cook
Jason Blocksom

Bronze Medal Winners
Dillon Eldred
Carson Eldred
Hailey McAllister
Lucas Yeazel
Kaleb Ferland
Ahmad Ali

Caique Seminar - Feb 24, 2008 (posted 2/25/2008)

Prof. Caique demonstrating a guillotine defense with Greg Eldred
We had a great seminar with Professor Caique on Feb. 24th.  It was good to have Caique back in Indianapolis showing us his incredible stuff.  We had a great turnout, and Caique was happy to see everyone once again.  This was the first time for several of the newer students to meet Prof. Caique, and they were impressed.  Caique still manages to even impress the old timers!  We look forward for Caique to return in June, for the Hoosier Open Tournament.

NAGA Champs (posted 12/1/2007)

Matt Paronish and Luke Sartino
Great job goes out to Luke Sartino and Matt Paronish for their wins in the NAGA competition on Dec 1st.  Luke and Matt competed in the NAGA (North American Grappling Association) 2007 Ohio Grappling Championships in Columbus Ohio.  Luke won 1st place in Gi, and 2nd place in No Gi.  Matt won 2nd place in Gi and 1st place in No Gi.

Michigan Open (posted 12/1/2007)

Dillon, Evan, Carson

The 2nd Annual Mighican Open Tournament was held on Dec 1, 2007.  This was our 3rd tournament we helped put on this year in partnership with Team Caique.  Harvy Berman, Caique's Black Belt from the Warrior Way Academy in Walled Lake, MI hosted this event.  Great job Harvy and to the rest of your staff! 

We had about 180 competitors, and the event ran without a hitch.  We had a few students compete from Indy: Roman Singh, Jason Kesler, Lucas Yeazel, Dillon Eldred, Evan Eldred, and Carson Eldred.

Congratulations to our medal winners:

Jason Kesler: 1st place
Dillon Eldred: 1st place
Evan Eldred: 1st place
Carson Eldred: 4th place

EGO Results (posted 10/20/2007)

We brought home a lot of medals from the EGO (Extreme Grappling Open) on Oct 20th.  Great job to all of our Indianapolis Jiu-Jitsu competitors, Steve Kuklish, Roman Singh, Jason Hall, Blake Guingrich, Luke Sartino, and Matt Paronish.

Here are our medal winners:

Steve Kuklish:  Received 2 Gold Medals, one in the White Belt Adult Gi divison and the other in the Masters Gi.  He won all of his 8 matches for the day and 7 of them were by submission.  Very impressive, and great job Steve!

Jason Hall:  Received a Gold medal in the Adult Purple Belt Gi division.

Blake Guingrich:  Received a Silver medal in the Blue Belt Adult Gi division, and a Gold medal in the No Gi division.

Luke Sartino:  Received a Gold medal in his Kids Gi division, and a Silver Medal in the No Gi.

Matt Paronish:  Received 2 Gold medals, one in his Kids Gi division, and the other in the No Gi.

Matt Jones wins 1st MMA (posted 7/21/2007)

Matt Jones
Congratulations to our student Matt Jones on his first MMA victory.  Matt fought in the Elite Cage Fighting event in Bloomington on July 21, 2007.  He won by arm bar submission at 1:54 in the first round.  Great Job Matt!

EGO Results - 7 Gold Medals (posted 4/24/2007)

Steve, Ryan, and Matt
Congratulations and a job well done to our students Steve Kuklish, Ryan Marques, Matt Burosh, Dillon Eldred, and Evan Eldred who competed in the Extreme Grappling Open (EGO) on April 21st.  Steve won 3 gold medals with 7 victories, 3 by submission.  Steve won in the Gi division, and in two no-Gi divisions.  Dillon won gold in both Gi and no-Gi in the kids division, with 2 submissions.  Evan also won gold in both Gi and no-Gi kids division, with 2 submissions.  Matt Burosh placed 2nd in his Gi division.  

1st Annual Michigan Open - Huge Success (posted 12/2/2006)

Harvy Berman receives Black Belt from Caique

The 1st Michigan Open held on Dec 2, 2006 was a huge success with over 200 competitors. There was alot of great competition and sportsmanship by everyone involved.

We'd like to thank all the competitors and instructors for supporting all of our tournaments this year: Hoosier Open, South Bay Open, and Michigan Open. With each tournament we continue to provide the best possible experience for the competitors, instructors, coaches, and spectators. We look forward to bringing you the 4th Annual Hoosier Open held in Indianapolis, June 9, 2007.

Special acknowledgment goes to our own team members for competing in the Michigan Open. Jason Hall, Matt Burosh, and Dillon and Evan Eldred. Matt Burosh placed 2nd, Dillon Eldred - 1st, and Evan Eldred - 1st in their divisions.

Also, a big congratulations goes to Harvy Berman - Caique's representative from Warrior Way in Wallid Lake, MI, for receiving his Black Belt from Caique during a special ceremony during the tournament.

3rd Annual Hoosier Open - Huge Success! (posted 6/10/2006)

We would like to thank all those who attended the 3rd Annual Hoosier Open tournament on June 10th. The event was a tremendous success as we had over 300 competitors from 12 states, doubling last years turn out. This event is continuing to grow each year. We had almost 50 kids in the competition, and had competitors from many different schools for the first time participate. Congratulations to the Team Champions: 1st place Caique, 2nd place McVickers, and 3rd place Monteiro. Please visit the following link to view tournament results and photo gallery.  2006 Hoosier Open Gallery

Special recognition goes out to Indianapolis Jiu-Jitsu competitors for a great showing at the tournament:

Evan Eldred - 1st Place
Chris Frayer - 1st Place
Jason Hall - 1st Place
James Talbott - 1st Place
Blake Steel - 2nd Place
Adam Andrews - 2nd Place
Kim Jackson - 2nd Place
Evan Mannweiler - 2nd Place
Dillon Eldred - 3rd Place
Ryan Marques - 3rd Place

Caique promotes Greg Eldred to Black Belt (posted 11/20/2005)

   Greg Eldred and Prof. Caique

Professor Caique promoted Greg Eldred to black belt after our grand opening seminar. Many thanks to all of those who came to show their support for Greg. See more photos in our photo gallery. Black Belt and Grand Opening

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