Student Promotions


Congratulations to the following Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu martial arts students who recently received promotions:


Brown Belt Promotion Sean Voda - 1st degree

Blue Belt Promotion Dwayne OConner - 4th degree
Jess Brito - 1st degree
Pete Guillot - 1st degree

White Belt Promotion Michael Robinette - 4th degree
Ryan Fogg - 3rd degree
Sam Franzoia - 2nd degree
John Wiley - 3rd degree
Jacob Cottingham - 3rd degree
Steve Schroeder - 1st degree

Kids Belt Promotion Annika Yankey - White - 4th degree
Delilah Seal - White - 4th degree
Hunter Snow - Gray
Ronan Yankey - White - 4th degree
Armin Semsarzedah - Orange
James Mercado - White/Gray - 2nd degree
Dane Giegerich - White - 2nd degree
Kaia Starnino - White - 4th degree
Zoe Kirkes - White - 4th degree